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New Publication!

A new paper was published by the authors Andrea Cremasco, Daniel Rothmund, Curti Mitrofan, and Elena Lomonova titled:

"Voltage Distribution in the Windings of Medium-Frequency Transformers Operated with Wide Bandgap Devices"


Solid-State Transformers (SSTs) will play a major role in interfacing the Medium-Voltage AC grid with the Low-Voltage DC buses.

The occurrence of internal overvoltages in Medium-Frequency Transformers (MFTs) operated with wide bandgap switches can lead to unexpectedly high electric fields in the MFT insulation, partial discharges, accelerated ageing and possible failure.

In this open access paper, a modelling methodology and several design guidelines are proposed to overcome the design challenges in the insulation of medium-voltage solid-state transformers.

The open access paper is available on:

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